Courtier Co., Ltd.

Courtier Watson Language Research CTR.は高品質翻訳と2か国語ホームページ作成の専門家集団です。

地域FM局用2か国語Home Page


  1. 外国人対応をするとともに、地域公共機関、交通、イベント紹介を行い地域訪問者の利便性を図ります。
  2. FM局のラジオ広告とFM局ホームページからスポンサーのホームページへの誘導により、広告の相乗効果を高めます。








  1. ホームページ作成182000円、諸経費実費
  2. 和文英訳2万円+校正費用



Courtier Co., Ltd.

Courtier Watson Language Research CTR. is a specialists group for High Quality Translation and Bilingual Home Page development.

Bilingual Home Page for a local FM broardcasting.

Bilingual Home Page will make up radio's passing informations.

  1. Put usefulness on not only Foreigners but Visiters who will go to your region with introductions of informations as local officials transportations, events and so on.
  2. Get multiplier effect of a commercial in collaboration with a radio brodcasting and Bilinguan Home Page.

Cost estimation

Home Page Development

We will develop Home Page with ¥50000 upto 5 pages within a week and ¥10000 for an additional fee a page except ¥2000 a page for an easy sub page. Draft contents, design, pictures need to be ready before developing.

We will require another charge for on-line shop and settlement pages.

And we will chrege expenses to you  like transportations and working expenses.

Japanese English Translation

We will translate Japanese to English with ¥20 a word. ¥8000 a page with 400 words and ¥40000 five pages is an assumption.

For exsample

In this bilingual home page, we used 27 pages inclide 16 sub pages and in which 11 sub pages were easy simple pages, and a few 1000 words were translated.

  1. ¥182000 for Home Page Development except actual expenses.
  2. ¥20000 for Japanese to English Translation except for an author change fee. 

Please view a detail pricing structure with following URL below.

For your sponsor

We can develop your sponsor's home pages with a low price and  a short term and support your sponsorship.


クールチエール株式会社 クールチエール・ワトソン言語研究所

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High Quality Translation and Bilingual Home Page Development

Courtier Co.,Ltd. Courtier Watson Language Research CTR.

🏣231-0062 TOC minatomirai 10F, 1-1-7, Sakuragi-chou, Nakaku, Yokohama-City. 

Tel/Fax :046-725-5277



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